Relievers React to Mitchell Report

– There was only a bit of circumstantial evidence, but that was enough for Brendan Donnelly to be forever linked with the Mitchell Report. Now he’s sick to his stomach.

– Who is Kirk Radomski? Mike Stanton says he has no idea what the man who purportedly sold him human growth hormone even looks like.

– Unsigned reliever Ron Villone is glum.

Matt Herges is mum, but his team believes that he’ll have to provide an explanation.


2 responses to “Relievers React to Mitchell Report

  1. Brendan Donnelly must be wondering who he pissed off in the Red Sox front office to have been fingered in the “No Red Sox Use PED’s” report.

    If he’s sick to his stomach, I suggest chamomile tea, Pepcid chewables, or syrup of ipecac. They all take care of stomach issues in various ways.

  2. i think the environment in the game ill be cooled off in some days , i hope this will not be repeated again.

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